You want the freedom to have time for work and leisure.  You want to be able to enjoy work and life.   You want to wake up happy, get through your day feeling relaxed, and spend your evening doing stuff you love.  

Perhaps this seems like an unachievable dream.  Pie-in-the-sky territory.  Perhaps work-life balance seems more of a work-life struggle.  The nine-to-five so easily turns into 12 hours work days.  Guilt creeps in as more time working means less time with family, or more time with family means less work gets done… and as for self-care, forget it!  

Running a business means you just have to work longer and harder, right?


Just for a second, get off the Hamster Wheel of Doom, take a breath, and allow yourself to believe that there is another way. That’s what Work.Life.Smarts is here to show you.

"People do not decide their futures. People decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures."

~ F.M. Alexander, founder of the Alexander Technique

Why Work.Life.Smarts?

Setting a goal is only a small piece of the puzzle in getting what we want from work and life. Learning time management skills is only a small piece of the puzzle in achieving work-life balance. The secret to achieving these things lies in what we do every day – in our habitual practices, our habitual actions, our habitual thoughts.

Change your habits, and you can truly change your life.

But that’s easier said than done when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities on a daily basis.

Work.Life.Smarts guides you towards the healthy, sustainable habits – of thought, action, and everyday practice – that will allow you to live a life you don’t need a vacation from.  This is a whole life approach. You are a whole person, and this program sees your value in all the roles you may take on – as a business owner, a parent, a friend, a child, a leader, a volunteer.  And instead of just teaching you hacks to manage your time and fit more in, Work.Life.Smarts actually addresses the fundamental habits that will get you the life you want.

I have spent a lot of time (years) burning out my adrenals acting like everything is an emergency. The content is most excellent. You have taken some very difficult concepts and issues and made them abundantly understandable and relatable. The way you deliver them makes me believe that I can internalize the message and use it in my own life.

Sita T. Business Owner


Simple is beautiful. Simple makes things possible. Simple is the key to mastering good habits. And simple things are quicker to learn.
Simple content, simple presentation: change, made simple.


You get to choose exactly how to use each thing you learn in YOUR life in a way that is meaningful to YOU, right now, in this moment.
Each topic provides ideas, inspiration and guidance on how to make the most relevant change for you.


You are busy. You have a life and work to do (I'm going to hazard a guess that's why you're here). This program is presented in bitesize chunks that are available On Demand. You do the work at a realistic pace for you.
Hustle not required.


Before you are anything, you are human first of all. Humans, even with all their flaws and foibles, are still amazing.
Want to feel great about being simply human instead of superhuman? You're in the right place.

Meet the Creator

Work.Life.Smarts Creator

Liz Wootton

I know that juggling everything you juggle is not always as easy as you might make it look. I also want you to know that being superhuman is not required for success and excellence

In fact, everything I do is based on the principle that being simply human is amazing enough.

My name’s Liz Wootton, and my mission is to make the world a better place for people in business. Not by changing the world, but by guiding and supporting change for those people.

Habits may sound small and inconsequential. They are not. When you can take control of your habits, you can change your world.

As Director of Human Nature Development, I work with business owners to help them manage themselves and their teams more effectively. My approach to personal effectiveness and excellence in leadership is to help people fully embrace their human nature, and learn to work with it, rather than against it. Passion, values, purpose, relationships and healthy, sustainable habits for work and life – these are my keys to long-term success, and achieving your goals.

I understand from my own experiences the challenges of running and leading a business alongside being a parent and spouse – the responsibility, the stress, the hustle, hiring and managing people, trying to balance work with life, trying to do the right thing – I’ve been on the hamster wheel of doom myself – and I understand the pressure we can put ourselves under.

Better balance starts here. Join me in this program and find out how.